By Jesse DeRoy (Author)

Series A Grantchester "Duke" Ducaine Thriller


Pub Date 11/12/2024

ISBN 9781454955597

Format Paperback


Jesse Deroy’s debut is a taut and deeply inhabited dive into the criminal netherworld that unfurls with surprising heart, wild specificity, and the tactile pleasure of an intricate well-executed plan.

Grantchester “Duke" Ducaine was born and raised a thief, so working the straight and narrow the last two years has felt like surfing without water. His dad is in the pen and his sister is . . . well, Duke doesn’t like to think about all of the things that are his fault. He’s got more pressing problems, like a bookie who wants to break his thumbs, and a couple of possibly shady Feds who want him to break into an unbreakable safe. When Duke agrees to take the job, thinking he might have the answer to his problems, he discovers that some things are best left unopened.

Jesse DeRoy is a former consultant, rock-climbing instructor, and award-winning journalist. Safecracker is Jesse’s first novel. They live in New York with their family.

Title Details

Pages 416 pages

Trim 5.5 x 8.25 x 0 Inches

Territories US/Can

Category Fiction