The Unveiled Tarot

An 80-Card Deck and Guidebook

By Jesse Lonergan (Author), Mike Mignola (Foreword)


Pub Date 1/14/2025

ISBN 9781454955771

Format Cards



The Unveiled Tarot

An 80-Card Deck and Guidebook

by Jesse Lonergan, Mike Mignola
Each of the card images in award-winning comic artist Jesse Lonergan's Unveiled Tarot are pictures within pictures—emphasizing the multifaceted archetypes that animate all tarot decks, and providing fascinating and nuanced readings. 

The 78 cards of the traditional tarot are all about understanding the many-layered aspects of the archetypes that animate life: The Hanged Man, which may appear to depict a figure imprisoned but is in fact a card of often self-imposed contemplation; The Fool, which seems to contain harmless amusement but is in reality the powerful force of complete openness and ignorance—the naivete of a person about to do great good, or great harm. Jesse Lonergan's gorgeously rendered Unveiled Tarot provides a peek behind the curtain on cards readers think they may know, but are always in the process of discovering. The art encourages thoughtful analysis of individual cards and nuanced readings that ground us in the amazing complexity of life, where there are innumerable ways to interpret even the most basic human trait. With humor, heart, and his award-winning style, Jesse Lonergan gives us a deck that is equally well-situated to become a classic in the collections of casual tarot users, art lovers, and experts who wish to deepen their practice. 

Jesse Lonergan is a writer and artist of comic books. He was born in California, raised in Saudi Arabia and Vermont, and spent two years in Turkmenistan with the Peace Corps. His first published work was Flower and Fade in 2007 from NBM ComicsLit. His Eisner-nominated comic Hedra came out from Image Comics in 2020. Jesse lives in Pennsylvania.

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Pages 64 pages, booklet +80 full-color cards

Trim 3.56 x 5.5 x 0 Inches

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