Millie Marotta's Precious Planet

By Millie Marotta (Author)


Pub Date 10/8/2024

ISBN 9781454956099

Format Paperback



Millie Marotta's Precious Planet

by Millie Marotta
A brand-new coloring collection from bestselling illustrator Millie Marotta, exploring a subject very close to her heart—wildlife conservation.

This beautiful volume features 90 amazing animals from around the world, with a focus on endangered and vulnerable species. Containing a rich mix of wildlife from the adorable axolotl to the much-loved snow leopard, it’s a celebration of creatures that are currently at risk, but that humanity is making efforts to save. Use your pencils or pens to bring colorful life to a wealth of wonderful animals, all rendered in Millie's exquisitely intricate style, including:
  • Big beasts like the Javan rhino, the wild camel, and the elusive mountain gorilla
  • Treasures of the sea: the humphead wrasse, the mini blue bee shrimp, and the majestic blue whale
  • The insects that pollinate our world, including different bumblebee species and the monarch butterfly
  • “Lazarus species,” thought to be extinct but now discovered in the world, such as the coelacanth and the solenodon, and a few long-extinct and near-mythological animals—the woolly mammoth and the saber-toothed tiger.

Millie Marotta is an illustrator working in her studio by the sea in a little corner of West Wales. A pioneer in the global coloring movement, Millie had been an illustrator long before she inked her first book. Millie’s intricate illustrations are inspired by a love of wildlife and fascination with the natural world. In 2015, Millie’s debut title Animal Kingdom spent a record 22 weeks as the official paperback non-fiction No.1. Since then, she has sold 9 million books around the world and her books have been translated into over 30 languages. Her books include Curious Creatures, Woodland Wild, Secrets of the Sea, Island Escape, and Animal Adventures. She lives in the United Kingdom.

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Pages 96 pages, b-w illus. throughout

Trim 9.8 x 9.8 x 0 Inches

Territories US/Can

Category Art & Photography

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