The Citadel

A Fantasy Oracle

By Fez Inkwright (Author)


Format Cards



The Citadel

A Fantasy Oracle

by Fez Inkwright
At the top of a cliff stands a city. White stone walls gleam in the sun, and banners snap lazily in the breeze. This is the Citadel, home of fates and possibilities, host to remarkable people whose own stories provide an insight into the nature of humanity itself...
From best-selling author and illustrator Fez Inkwright comes The Citadel, a fresh take on oracle decks that is seeped in the magic of fantasy literature, Tolkien's Middle Earth, and tabletop gaming - a truly unique combination of storytelling and cartomancy! 
Each of the 60 cards in this deck represents a person living within the Citadel. The guidebook describes different scenes that the reader will encounter while travelling through the city, including the stories of each character and the interpretation of each card.

Beyond cartomancy, The Citadel can supplement tabletop role-play games, generating new worlds, characters, and encounters for fantasy gameplay.

Fez Inkwright is an illustrator, author, and folklorist. For the past decade she has produced work for children’s books, greetings cards, and tattoo design, and is Liminal 11's Head Designer. Fez is the author of Folk Magic and Healing, Botanical Curses and Poisons, and The Seed and Sickle Oracle Deck. She lives in Bristol, England.

Pub Date: 3/5/2024

ISBN: 9781454956396

Price: $29.99 / $38.99 CAN

Format: Cards

Pages: 184 pages, booklet + 60 full-color cards

Trim: 3.5 x 5.25 x 0 Inches

Territories: World

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Publisher: Sterling Ethos

Carton Quantity: 32

Series: Modern Tarot Library