Ping Pong Pizza Party

The Crazy Phrazy Party Game

By Kid Beyond (Author)


Pub Date 1/14/2025

ISBN 9781454956556

Format Kit



Ping Pong Pizza Party

The Crazy Phrazy Party Game

by Kid Beyond
This game combines improvisational wordplay with creative cluing and speedy guessing. Two cards are turned up, revealing two letters—PP, for instance. Each player thinks of a phrase that starts with those initials—paper plane, Peter Parker, ping pong, pizza party, etc. Then they clue it for their teammates, either with a single word, a drawing, or by acting it out. If you're too slow, the other team can jump in and steal your points! It's fast-moving, fun, and addictive.

Andrew Chaikin, better known by his stage name of Kid Beyond, is the designer of Gamewright's Guess the Link! and other games including Wombat (short for "word combat"). He is also a singer, beatboxer, live looper, and voice actor (as well as a puzzlemaker, game inventor—oh, yes, and professional namer) based in the San Francisco area.

Title Details

Pages , 50 full-color cards + instruction sheet

Trim 4.25 x 5.5 x 0 Inches

Territories World

Category Puzzles & Games

Carton Quantity 16