The Art of War

By Sun Tzu (Author)

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Pub Date 10/1/2024

ISBN 9781454957263

Format Hardcover


Discover Sun Tzŭ's The Art of War with this exquisite edition from Union Square & Co.’s Signature Gilded Editions series! The stunning Art of War special edition features sprayed edges, color end pages, a built-in ribbon bookmark, and embossed foil cover. The beautiful design and attention to detail set this special edition book apart, whether you’re reading for the first time or building a library of your favorite classic literature books.
More than two thousand years old, this classic of Chinese philosophy lays out a systematic, rational approach to tactics and strategy that leaders worldwide have applied not only to the military, but also to business, law, martial arts, and sports. This elegant edition uses Lionel Giles's classic translation and stands apart for its gorgeous design. Giles's extensive annotations and commentary on Sun Tzŭ's aphorisms and proverbs are also included.

The Art of War, attributed to the ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzŭ, is a profound treatise on strategy and warfare, believed to have been composed around the fifth century BC during the turbulent Warring States period. This text is not only one of the oldest but also among the most influential military strategy books ever written, offering wisdom that extends beyond the battlefield to tactics in politics, business, and everyday life. Sun Tzŭ’s principles emphasize flexibility, swift adaptability, and the importance of intelligence and deception, urging leaders to win wars with minimal conflict and without unnecessary loss of life. This seminal work holds a significant place in both historical and literary realms, providing insight into Chinese philosophy and the era's strategic practices. The Art of War has transcended its military origins to become a crucial guide in various contemporary fields, revered for its deep understanding of the dynamics of conflict and strategies for navigating it effectively. It remains a critical study in the discipline of strategy, echoing through centuries its potent axiom that the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.

Sun Tzu (544–496 B.C.) was a philosopher and military strategist who served the kingdom of Wu at a time when the kingdoms of China were in a state of near-constant war. His many aphorisms about strategy were later compiled into The Art of War. The book's international popularity over the following two-and-a-half millennia made Sun Tzu one of history's most influential writers and thinkers.

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