The Fire in the Flint

By Walter F. White (Author), Jamelle Bouie (Introduction)

Series Herald Classics


Pub Date 1/7/2025

ISBN 9781454957447

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The Fire in the Flint

by Walter F. White, Jamelle Bouie
Kenneth Harper, a Black doctor and WWI veteran, returns to his hometown in Georgia to practice medicine after graduating from medical school in the North and completing a residency in France. Having forgotten the realities of life in the Jim Crow South, Dr. Harper initially believes “times have changed” and racial tensions are a thing of the past. But when Dr. Harper helps local Black sharecroppers organize for higher payment, he draws the ire of the Ku Klux Klan—and discovers he has no choice but to join the fight against white supremacy.

Walter F. White (1893–1955) was an American author and civil rights leader born in Atlanta, Georgia. From 1929 until 1955, White served as the executive secretary of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), where he oversaw efforts to dismantle legalized segregation. In addition to his activism, White was an acclaimed author of fiction and nonfiction, often exploring themes of the New Negro Movement. Upon his death, the New York Times praised him as “the nearest approach to a national leader of American Negroes since Booker T. Washington.”

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