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The Zodiac Almanac

An Everything Guide to the 12 Astrological Signs

By Various Authors (Author)


Pub Date 10/29/2024

ISBN 9781454957485

Format Hardcover



The Zodiac Almanac

An Everything Guide to the 12 Astrological Signs

by Various Authors
A beautifully packaged, everything-you-need-to-know resource for all twelve signs of the zodiac.

Astrology has taken the world by storm—millions of people around the globe use the positions of the stars to guide them in life, love, career, and more. In this comprehensive resource, leading contemporary astrologers lend their expertise to take cosmic self-care to the next level with detailed information on all twelve signs of the zodiac. Not only can readers learn about their destiny, but all of the entries are also valuable guides to learning more about others. For anyone who wants to know more about their own motivations, as well as strengths and weaknesses (or just what kind of date their partner will probably like most, or why their boss is such a jerk), this gorgeous reference covers every aspect of each star sign’s complex personality.

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Pages 336 pages, all in color

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