The Big Italian Sandwich Puzzle

560-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle (Based on A Recipe from the Grossy Pelosi Cookbook Let's Eat!)

By Dan Pelosi (Author)


Pub Date 11/5/2024

ISBN 9781454957935

Format Jigsaw



The Big Italian Sandwich Puzzle

560-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle (Based on A Recipe from the Grossy Pelosi Cookbook Let's Eat!)

by Dan Pelosi

From the pages of the New York Times bestselling cookbook Let’s Eat comes the first-ever Italian deli sandwich . . . jigsaw puzzle! What better way to capture the unique culinary joys of GrossyPelosi’s Big Italian Sandwich recipe—bursting with cured meats, cheese, and signature toppings—than a mouthwatering, heartwarming, undoubtably cool jigsaw puzzle. Included inside the box is the complete recipe for the sandwich, too!

Featured on Good Morning America, the Drew Barrymore Show, and the Rachael Ray Show, Dan Pelosi’s cookbook Let’s Eat shines, thanks in part to its sumptuous, celebratory food photography. This unique puzzle adapts the book’s three-panel center fold-out image of his Italian sandwich into a 560-piece jigsaw puzzle for food lovers of all stripes. Anyone up to the challenge will find that the fun of this puzzle is in the tasty little details—highlighted by its larger-than-life size! It’s perfect for fans of GrossyPelosi, Italian comfort food, and quirky, cool puzzles for adults.

Key features:

  • 560-piece jigsaw puzzle featuring photography adapted from Let’s Eat: 101 Recipes to Fill Your Heart & Home, an instant New York Times bestseller and consistently ranked among the best cookbooks of 2023.
  • Sturdy and super giftable “hoagie”-shaped box, high-quality puzzle pieces, and a full puzzle poster sheet. Fully solved, the puzzle reaches 25-inches long and 11-inches tall.
  • Unique gift for cooks, chefs, or sandwich artisans of any age. Looking for unpredictable “he has everything” men gift ideas this holiday season? Look no further!
  • Made for sharing, this family puzzle promises to fill your next family game night or vacation with heart & home—just like Let’s Eat!

“Inviting and encouraging.”

“It’s impossible not to fall in love with Pelosi and his internet personality ‘Grossy’ … [he] is serving up delicious, homey recipes with a side of humor and a scoop of being incredibly relatable on top.”

“The bright colors, the family-focused stories, and the infectious smile of Pelosi himself make this book a joy to thumb through.”

“Pelosi created a cookbook to share 101 recipes paired with beautiful, bright imagery and the same heartfelt personal details his fans expect from him via social media. It’s a gift that will keep on giving (especially if you’re invited over to try their latest recipe).”

“This debut cookbook from Pelosi showcases his love for comfort food and particularly his connection to Italian American cuisine.”
The Kitchn

“Pelosi gives us the keys to his festive kingdom of sweet treats, from crowd-pleasing cookies to Aunt Chris’ legendary cheesecake — and so many goodies in between.”
DREW Magazine

"One of my favorite new cookbooks of the year is Dan Pelosi’s Let’s Eat which is a masterpiece in home cooked Italian.”
Joy The Baker

“If Italian food is the cornerstone of dinnertime for your family, grab this.”—

“His food is big, his world is technicolor, and his vibe is joyous… And now, I’m delighted to report, he’s captured all of that joy between two covers.”
—Cup of Jo

Let’s Eat absolutely rules, and whether you’re a TikTok cooking trend admirer, an Italian restaurant fanatic, or just a home cook looking for some bangin’ new pasta recipes, this is one $20 investment to make now and ensure a mega cozy winter (and life), replete with pizza, polenta, and, of course, vodka 'since.'”

“….a love letter to friendship, family, and eating and cooking with the people you love the most. Pelosi lets you in on family memories and his top cooking secrets — making you feel like he is your best friend, who also makes you killer pasta on the regular.”
Food & Wine

“…he’s sharing the classics, plus recent culinary creations, like his (brilliant!) Rainbow Cookie Loaf Cake.”
Real Simple

Let’s Eat is a joyful collection of appetizers, pastas, desserts and more, accompanied by warm stories about how the recipes came to be.”

—Forbes Vetted
If you're already a fan [of Dan Pelosi] who's found comfort in his Reels, consider this collection of 101 recipes you can recreate at home, from Italian Gay Wedding Soup and Mom's Stuffed Artichokes to Four-Cheese Lasagna and Porchetta.

—Simply Recipes

“…for when you just need to get dinner on the table.”
—Stained Page News (IACP Award Finalist)

"Just as practical as it is delectable, this cookbook successfully conveys the author’s love of his family and cooking so that home cooks can bring his passion to their table."
Library Journal

“What a joyous (and stylish) cookbook, and so fun to read. Dan’s humor, generosity, and impeccable advice come through on every page—lucky us!”
—Deb Perelman, New York Times bestselling author of Smitten Kitchen Keepers

“In a shock to no one, Dan’s debut cookbook is as full of living, laughing, and loving as any cookbook possibly could be. The recipes are homey and unpretentious just like he is—where sitting down with your people to a cozy, delicious meal is the end goal, and there’s joy in the process of getting there. We all yearn be guests at GrossyPelosi’s table, and while I am lucky enough to have been one on a number of occasions, rest assured that diving into Let’s Eat is about as close as you can get.” 
—Molly Baz, New York Times bestselling author of Cook This Book 

“My dreams of cooking like the adorable Italian grandma I never had have been REALIZED thanks to Dan's gorgeous and hilarious cookbook!”
—Busy Philipps, actor, writer, mom

“To say I’m excited for the world to see Dan’s first cookbook is an understatement! You can feel his passion for food and life shine through on every single page! Let’s Eat is filled to the brim with recipes to nourish your family, your friends, and most importantly yourself! His comprehensive guides to feeding a crowd, keeping a stocked pantry, menu planning, etc. are a mega-bonus and leave no stone unturned as he has you 100% covered! If you’re new to Dan, start with Grossy’s Vodka Sawce and then be prepared to dive headfirst into the rest of this book because it’s exactly what you want to cook EVERY SINGLE DAY.” 
—Gaby Dalkin, New York Times bestselling author of What's Gaby Cooking: Take It Easy

“Once you open Dan Pelosi’s Let’s Eat, you quickly realize it isn’t just a cookbook. You’re immediately transported to his delightfully colorful and wildly delicious world of food. This book is a love letter to so many of the dishes Dan grew up eating in his Italian-Portuguese family, and after making dishes like the Fork & Knife Carbonara and the Piri-Piri Roast Chicken, you realize Dan is the best friend (who can cook) you’re lucky to have in your life.” 
—Andy Baraghani, New York Times bestselling author of The Cook You Want to Be 

“Few books capture the essence of a person better than this one. I feel Dan’s warmth, love, and generosity in every single word. I flip the pages and hear his encouraging voice and the roar of his laughter. His food and photos make my mouth water, and his personal stories make me feel like I’m a part of his family.” 
—Rick Martinez, New York Times bestselling author of Mi Cocina

“In Dan Pelosi’s exuberant debut cookbook, Let’s Eat, he tells us that his friends call him ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ because he feeds them so well when they visit. Let’s Eat is so congenial, nurturing, and personal that Dan is ‘mom’ to me from now on, too. Dan gleefully brings family and joy back to cookbooks, sharing his Grandma Katherine’s Rice Pudding, Bimpy’s Pizza, and the pot roast that his mom let him skip school to enjoy. His viral Vodka Sawce, which launched his dazzling food career, makes the cut (phew!), and he devotes a giant spread to the gloriously giant Italian sandwich. Dan’s book is like a culinary bear hug—surrounding you with food you want to share with a loud tableful of friends, debating which was better: the Vodka Sawce or the Fork & Knife Carbonara.”  
—Amanda Hesser, cofounder of Food52

“Dan, a.k.a. GrossyPelosi, knows exactly what love looks like: stretchy cheese pulls, crispy fried bits, crunchy croutons, and sawce-slicked lips. I can 100% relate to the way food, memory, and emotional wealth are wrapped up in his life, and this book delivers all the joy of standing in his colorful kitchen. As if that weren’t enough, it’s worth its weight in gold for his mom’s cleaning tips alone!"  
—Carla Lalli Music, New York Times bestselling author of That Sounds So Good 

“Passion permeates the pages.”
—The Strategist


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Dan Pelosi is the Italian meatball behind GrossyPelosi, the popular Instagram favorite for all things comfort and food. He hosts The Secret Sauce for Food52 and appears regularly on Good Morning America. He lives in Brooklyn, but you can find him online at @grossypelosi. TheNew York Times bestseller Let's Eat, published in 2023, was his first cookbook. 

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Let's Eat

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