This Might Hurt Tarot Deck

By Isabella Rotman (Author)

Series This Might Hurt Tarot


Pub Date 7/16/2024

ISBN 9781454958314

Format Cards



This Might Hurt Tarot Deck

by Isabella Rotman
Isabella Rotman has created a deeply personal tarot deck that accurately and adoringly reflects her world; complicated, rich, queer and diverse!
Each card pays homage to the classic tarot imagery of the Rider-Waite-Smith yet has been remixed for the modern-day tarot reader. This Might Hurt is immediately accessible for those starting on their tarot journey and is the perfect addition to any rebellious witch’s collection. 
A tarot deck that embraces the fact that sometimes, essential changes or fundamental truths might hurt us at first... but once we bring them to light, all wounds will heal in time.
"The This Might Hurt Tarot is a mirror for all of us. Brought up to date in style and through a modern lens, it not only reflects who I am now but the many shades of a person that I once was. This makes it relatable on an intuitive and personal level, as well as a workable deck for those who understand tarot tradition. Lovingly created by Isabella Rotman, this tarot does not shy away from the prickly aspects of life. It might hurt at times, but it will also comfort and inspire." Steven Bright, author of Tarot: Your Personal Guide, The Oracle Creator and Tarot Shapeshifter

"The artwork is in a modern comic book style that very closely follows Rider-Waite-Smith imagery (...) I love the guidebook and the epithets given to each card, like referring to the Queen of Wands as Our Lady of Creativity, or the Three of Cups as the Party with Friends Card, or the Queen of Pentacles as Our Lady Who Has It All. The King of Swords in this deck is Leadership Through Unbiased Judgment." —Benebell Wen, author of Holistic Tarot, The Tao of Craft, I Ching: The Oracle, and illustrator of the Spirit Keeper's Tarot

"This was a go-to deck for reading at festivals or parties when I was reading at these events. I never worried that my clients wouldn’t see themselves in these images." —Indie Deck Review


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Isabella Rotman is a cartoonist and illustrator from Maine. She is the author of A Quick and Easy Guide to Consent and illustrator and co-author of Wait, What?: A Comic Book Guide to Relationships, Bodies, and Growing Up. Isabella received a nomination for the Promising New Talent Ignatz award in 2017, and her comic Like the Tide was nominated for Outstanding Online Comic in 2020.

Title Details

Pages 140 pages, 80 full-color cards + booklet

Trim 3.5 x 5.25 x 0 Inches

Territories World excl France

Category Body, Mind & Spirit

Carton Quantity 32