The Ryan Creed Case

A Puzzle Novel

By Jens Baumeister (Author), Inka Brand (Author), Markus Brand (Author), Thomas Moor (Illustrator)

Series Exit: The Book


Pub Date 11/19/2024

ISBN 9781454958697

Format Paperback



The Ryan Creed Case

A Puzzle Novel

by Jens Baumeister, Inka Brand, Markus Brand, Thomas Moor
A mysterious letter. A treasure hunt. Can you solve 10 puzzles and outrace your enemies to a lost fortune.
Ryan Creed is a cryptology professor with a passion for solving even the toughest of riddles. A letter from an unknown client leads him to Seattle, where he accepts a new assignment: to find a cache of priceless lost coins. With help from the multitalented Sarah Corbet, Ryan embarks on his quest—but there are other, more sinister, hunters seeking the coins too. Before they know it, Ryan and Sarah find themselves on a thrilling adventure packed with puzzles and pitfalls! 

The original publishers of the EXIT: THE BOOK series are THAMES & KOSMOS, a company formed in 2001—a partnership between a 200-year old German publisher and a Rhode Island science museum director and her son. Since then, they have produced and distributed hundreds of engaging educational toys and games for kids. The German-born EXIT: THE GAME game series, currently translated and on sale in the US, is sold in 28 countries in 20 languages and has worldwide sold over 20 million units. Translations of the German book series have sold about 275,000 copies.

Title Details

Pages 192 pages, all in color

Trim 6 x 8.5 x 0 Inches

Territories US/Can

Category Puzzles, Games & Activities

Age Range 14 and up

Carton Quantity 20