The Chess Revolution

The Greatest Game, from the Ancient World to the Digital Age

By Peter Doggers (Author)


Pub Date 10/29/2024

ISBN 9781454959236

Format Hardcover, Jacketed



The Chess Revolution

The Greatest Game, from the Ancient World to the Digital Age

by Peter Doggers
One of the world’s top chess journalists in the world explores why, after 1,500 years of existence, chess has never been more relevant than now.

Chess is not just one of the greatest games ever devised. It has inspired writers, painters, and filmmakers, and was a secret mover behind technical revolutions like artificial intelligence that are transforming society. In this fascinating pop culture history of the game and its impact, acclaimed journalist Peter Doggers (also their news and events director), reveals how computers and the Internet have further strengthened the timeless magic of chess in the digital era, leading to a new peak in popularity and cultural relevance. Doggers explores chess as a cultural phenomenon from its earliest beginnings in ancient India to its biggest stars and most dramatic moments to the impact of the internet and AI. The book is illustrated with approximately 40 photographs and artworks.


Peter Doggers is one of the most well-known and respected journalists in the chess world. An internationally ranked chess player, he is the director of news and events at the market leader in online chess, Doggers has played chess for thirty-two years and has covered it for over seventeen years. He has interviewed dozens of grandmasters, played basketball with Magnus Carlsen, and interviewed Garry Kasparov at Bobby Fischer’s grave. Doggers lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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