Popular Mechanics How to Fix Anything

Essential Home Repairs Anyone Can Do

By Popular Mechanics (Author)


Pub Date 5/1/2018

ISBN 9781618372604

Format Hardcover



Popular Mechanics How to Fix Anything

Essential Home Repairs Anyone Can Do

by Popular Mechanics
“. . . readers will count on Popular Mechanics’ advice.” Booklist (starred review)

For any home repair, big or small, homeowners can turn to this practical and portable reference.
Got a squeaky floor or a rattling door?
Is your grout a color you don’t recognize anymore?

From quick fixes like linking broken chains and patching drywall to more involved projects like replacing a fuel line and bleeding your brakes, Popular Mechanics How to Fix Anything is the handy and reliable go-to guide for the most common household problems offering a primer on plumbing, unexpected hacks like using a golf tee to fill a stripped screw hole, instructions for tuning up the garage door, and so much more. Throughout the book Roy Berendsohn, Popular Mechanics’ senior home editor, answers questions about the trickiest fix-its, including how to deal with a recurring ceiling cracks or get rid of that stench from the kitchen sink.. And because it’s organized room by room, from basement to bathroom to bedroom, it’s simple to find the solution you need—so you won’t have to hire someone else to do the job.
“. . . there are at least a handful of easy home remedies here that even major fumblefingers can successfully implement. Like touching up wood furniture with unsalted pecan or walnut meats. Using a steam iron to fix indented carpeting. Freshening up a no-start lawn mower with new spark plugs. Even getting rid of driveway stains with pulverized drywall (just allow it to sit overnight). It’s all thanks to the collected wisdom of Popular Mechanics, 115 years strong, synonymous with the ultimate in DIY knowledge. The book’s eight sections—bathroom; kitchen; walls, ceilings, floors; furniture and fixtures; gadgets; basement and mechanicals; garage and driveway; and yard—feature different formats. ‘Ask Roy’ fields answers to common questions. ‘Know your stuff’ highlights tools, materials, and their appropriate uses, whether fillers, painter’s knives, or screws. The ‘essential tool’ call-outs spotlight particular instruments that are critical to have on hand. And captioned, step-by-step color photographs bring clarity to specific tasks. From all of the above to battling moles to avoid lawn destruction, readers will count on Popular Mechanics’ advice.” —Booklist (starred review)

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Popular Mechanics inspires its 15 million readers and fans to learn, make, discover, and do something new every day. Drawing on 115 years of knowledge, it shares a voracious curiosity about technological breakthroughs, automobiles, inventions, do-it-yourself projects, and outdoor adventure with a community of loyal followers.

Roy Berendsohn is Senior Home Editor at Popular Mechanics. He’s written on every conceivable topic that relates to home care, repair, construction, and improvement. He’s also covered blacksmithing, how to build a boat and paint a barn, and the restoration of a 4-wheel-drive firetruck.

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