The Cosmo Sex Box: Hot Sex Moves

100 Steamy Positions for Any Occasion

By Cosmopolitan (Author)


Pub Date 2/5/2019

ISBN 9781618372819

Format Cards



The Cosmo Sex Box: Hot Sex Moves

100 Steamy Positions for Any Occasion

by Cosmopolitan
Turn up the heat with 100 sizzling new sex positions from the editors of Cosmopolitan
Whether you’re after a bed‑rattling orgasm, a supersensory, soulful lovemaking session, or a new mind‑blowing move for the hottest quickie ever, Cosmo has dozens of ways to shake it up . . . anytime and anywhere. Inside this box of cards is a crash course in the 100 best sex positions—all illustrated along with step‑by‑step instructions and all guaranteed to make your toes curl. They’ll have you gasping for more, more, MORE!

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