Esquire Dress Code

A Man's Guide to Personal Style

By Esquire (Author)


Pub Date 9/3/2019

ISBN 9781618372826

Format Hardcover



Esquire Dress Code

A Man's Guide to Personal Style

by Esquire
Esquire’s definitive guide to dressing in style.
Clothes make the man—and Esquire Dress Code helps you put together a great wardrobe. Visually bold, and told with Esquire’s signature wit and humor, this sophisticated guide explains how to dress for any occasion, no matter your age, shape, or size. It covers closet must-haves, investment pieces (like a watch or winter coat), choosing the perfect suit, selecting office attire, outerwear, and accessories, and much more. Inspiring photos of style icons range from Mick Jagger and Steve McQueen to Lenny Kravitz and Robert Redford. Fashion might change from season to season, but once a man learns to adapt these fashion fundamentals for his personal look, he’ll be set for life.
“To the untrained eye, men's fashion is deceptively simple, and finding a personal style can take years. Esquire Magazine, the decades-old source for men’s fashion as well as entertainment and culture, seeks to assist those interested in attaining a personal, wearable style. This attractive volume runs down the hows and whys of this often-elusive goal. The basics that should be in every wardrobe are addressed first and foremost, with flash explanations for each article reflecting the magazine’s signature print style. Chapters run down the essentials in order of importance from ‘How to Dress for Every Stage of Life’ to ‘Casual Style.’ Glitzy color photographs of famous celebrities and chiseled models illustrate each striving point. Historical asides are given when appropriate to give the reader more context to a specific article of clothing. Also useful are helpful tips like how to find and keep a good tailor and how best to wear denim in the new modern office. Given the wayward nature of fashion trends, this guide will help the discerning consumer work a foundation for tried-and-true looks.Booklist Online -

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As the only general-interest lifestyle magazine for sophisticated men, Esquire defines, reflects, and celebrates what it means to be a man in contemporary American culture. Required reading for the man who is intellectually curious and socially aware, Esquire speaks to the scope and diversity of his passions with spirited storytelling, superb style, and a tonic splash of irreverent humor. Esquire has an audience of 3.2 million with 95% of its audience from subscriptions. It publishes 27 editions around the world.

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