Kindness Is My Hobby

How to Change the World Right Where You Are

By Ruby Kate Chitsey (Author)


Format Paperback



Kindness Is My Hobby

How to Change the World Right Where You Are

by Ruby Kate Chitsey
Award-winning teen humanitarian Ruby Kate Chitsey shares her remarkable story of becoming an activist for senior citizens through easy-to-do, youth-led charitable acts, and offers tips for how other kids can do the same.
Ruby Kate Chitsey, founder and CEO of Three Wishes for Ruby’s Residents, speaks to kids about the motivation behind her charity and how kids can get involved. Ruby Kate tried the types of hobbies and activities that seemed to make her classmates really happy. But she didn’t like any of them. Instead, she just wanted to go with her mom to work at a local nursing home. It was there that Ruby Kate found her place in the world and her superpower . . . kindness. In Kindness Is My Hobby, Ruby Kate takes readers inside her life as an advocate for senior citizens. She tells the story of the Three Wishes Project, her flagship program that provides seniors with small gifts, and a variety of other programs that she and her team created to uplift seniors. Ruby shares an up-close perspective on the lives of residents inside long-term care facilities and brings awareness to the numerous challenges they face every day. The book also includes step-by-step instructions and resources for kids who want to start a charity for seniors in their communities, and even a few delicious recipes from some of Ruby’s friends. Ruby Kate’s inspirational story shows how one person can make a difference right where they are and how small acts of kindness can bring joy to those who need it most.

Ruby Kate Chitsey, age 15, is the founder and CEO of Three Wishes for Ruby’s Residents. Ruby Kate and her “Kid Board” work with essential staff across America to fulfill small wishes for nursing home seniors. Ruby Kate loves to serve residents who are impoverished, but she fulfills wishes for all nursing home seniors. Ruby has raised over $500,000 for her cause since 2019 and fulfilled over 45,000 wishes for nursing home seniors. Ruby Kate leads this organization with her giant heart and with her motto “Kindness is my hobby.” Her impact on nursing home seniors can be seen around the globe. Her team has taught youth, adults, and classrooms across the country how to make a difference in the lives of nursing home seniors in their own communities. She has received the highest accolades a youth can receive for humanitarian work. Ruby Kate was a top 20 finalist for Time magazine’s “Kid of the Year” in 2022. She was also named as one of People magazine’s “Ten Girls Changing the World in 2020.” She is the 2021 national winner of the Prudential Spirit of Service Award and the first youth from the state of Arkansas to receive this prestigious national title. She is also a 2021 Diana Award winner—an award bestowed to some of the most influential humanitarian young adults in the world. She was the first Arkansan to receive this award. She has been named a CNN Hero and a Fox News Midnight Hero. Ruby Kate was also selected by Barbie and Mattel Corporation to be one of their Barbie Role Models for 2019–2020 for being a female leader who has shattered glass ceilings.

Pub Date: 5/2/2023

ISBN: 9781684620609

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Format: Paperback

Pages: 112 pages, all in color

Trim: 7.5 x 9.5 x 0 Inches

Territories: World

Category: Nonfiction

Age Range: 8 to 12

Publisher: Sixth&Spring

Series: Our Tomorrow