SS: Roll of Infamy

A Biographical Guide to Leading Members of the SS

By Christopher Ailsby (Author)


Format Paperback


SS: Roll of Infamy

A Biographical Guide to Leading Members of the SS

by Christopher Ailsby
Hitler’s Third Reich is probably the most infamous administration in history. When it was finally destroyed in 1945, it left a legacy of shame and notoriety that exists still. The one organization which was responsible more than any other for establishing that reputation was the Schutz Staffel (Protection Squad): the SS. The images of the SS – the swastika and runic symbols – have become synonymous with oppression and terror. But who were the individuals who held power in this fearsome organization, what were their backgrounds, and how did a failed chicken farmer become a leader? SS: Roll of Infamy is a complete alphabetical compendium of the individuals of the SS from the early days of National Socialism to the fall of Berlin in May 1945. Illustrated with over 200 black and white photographs, many previously unpublished, SS: Roll of Infamy examines in detail the SS hierarchy: men such as Heinrich Himmler – Reichsfuhrer-SS and Reinhard Heydrich, Himmler’s deputy. SS: Roll of Infamy is the most complete biographical volume of SS ever published.

Christopher Ailsby is a military historian whose main area of interest are military awards, medals and decorations, antiques and the history of the Third Reich. He has written a number of superbly researched books, including Combat Medals of the Third Reich, Allied Combat Medals of WWII and A Collector’s Guide to German WWII Medals and Political Awards. He currently lives in Peterborough.

Pub Date: 3/1/2016

ISBN: 9781782743132

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