Guitar Chords

150 Essential Guitar Chords

By Ted Fuller (Author), Julian Hayman (Author)


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Guitar Chords

150 Essential Guitar Chords

by Ted Fuller, Julian Hayman
With 150 chords, all illustrated for easy learning, this is an essential companion for any guitarist or anyone beginning to play.
Whether you’re just learning guitar, brushing up on your knowledge of chords, or trying to develop songwriting skills, this guide is a must-have. It includes the most popular major and minor guitar chords from A–G needed to play everything from rock and pop to folk and classical. Each chord entry gets a detailed color diagram with color-coded dots for the finger positions, an explanatory text, and a full-color picture showing the chord being played on the guitar. You’ll want to carry this pocket-sized book with you everywhere you go.

Ted Fuller is a guitarist and arranger with several years of experience across a wide range of musical styles including rock, blues, jazz, and folk.
Julian Hayman has played in many different bands over the past 30 years. He currently plays guitar and writes songs with singer Charlotte Greig, and also plays bass and guitar in two rock groups.

Pub Date: 10/2/2018

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