Ukulele for Beginners

How to Play and Master the 'Uke' in No Time!

By Tom Fleming (Author)


Format Paperback



Ukulele for Beginners

How to Play and Master the 'Uke' in No Time!

by Tom Fleming
Once the recorder was the first musical instrument that you learned to play at school, but these days the ukulele is becoming the most popular classroom choice. It’s cheap, light, easily portable, suitable for children’s small hands and can be used to play a surprisingly wide variety of songs and musical styles. Aimed at children, Ukulele for Beginners is a perfect introduction. From choosing which kind of ukulele to learn to how to hold the instrument, from learning the names of the different strings to playing first chords, from strumming patterns to finger-picking, from simple first songs such as My Darling Clementine to more complex ones like Somewhere Over The Rainbow, the book guides the new learner through all the necessary steps. With clear diagrams, instructions and notation, a large variety of musical styles is covered. Special features focus on famous ukulele players, such as Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney and Adele. Written by a professional player, Ukulele For Beginners is illustrated with color photographs and illustrations of chord tabs, and is an excellent first book on this increasingly popular instrument.  

Tom Fleming is a professional guitar player, composer and author with many years’ experience as a guitar teacher and music examiner. He studied jazz guitar at Leeds College of Music and has contributed to a wide range of instructional music publications. He lives in London.

Pub Date: 3/1/2017

ISBN: 9781782745181

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