Combat Techniques

The Skills, Weaponry and Tactics of the Modern Combat Soldier

By Chris McNab (Author), Martin J. Dougherty (Author), Chris McNab (Author)


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Combat Techniques

The Skills, Weaponry and Tactics of the Modern Combat Soldier

by Chris McNab, Martin J. Dougherty, Chris McNab
How would today’s armies handle themelves in potential combat scenarios? This generously illustrated book provides expert analysis on everything from infantry tactics to counter-insurgency warfare.
Covering all aspects of the battlefield, Combat Techniques is a comprehensive reference on tactical procedures for today’s infantry. It details the various forces and assets at a battlefield commander’s disposal, showing how tactics have changed since World War II, and examining a huge range of procedures, from controlling an air strike or firing an anti-tank weapon to sub-zero operations, hostage-rescue situations, fighting in urban or extreme terrain, amphibious assaults, and evading capture. There’s also a discussion of the difficulties of asymmetric warfare, with chapters on counterterrorist and anti-insurgency operations. Color photographs and art present the men and equipment of modern armies from around the world, demonstrating how they operate in today’s ever-changing, technology-dominated landscape.

Chris McNab is a wilderness expert, military specialist, and author of over 20 survival publications, including How to Survive Anything, Anywhere, Living off the Land, and SAS Training Manual: Endurance Techniques. He holds a PhD from the University of Wales and lives in South Wales, UK.

Martin J. Dougherty is a freelance writer specializing in military and defense topics. He is the author of Medieval Warrior, SAS and Elite Forces Guide Extreme Unarmed Combat, SAS and Elite Forces Guide Sniper, and Small Arms: From the Civil War to the Present Day, and books on personal self-defense. He lives in northern England.

Pub Date: 10/6/2020

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