Criminal Profiling

How Psychological Profiles Help Solve Crime

By Brian Innes (Author), Lucy Doncaster (Author)


Pub Date 10/11/2022

ISBN 9781838862206

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Criminal Profiling

How Psychological Profiles Help Solve Crime

by Brian Innes, Lucy Doncaster
Criminal Profiling is a wide-ranging, authoritative history of this fascinating subject, from the first efforts at physical profiling to today's computer-generated geographic mapping techniques.
Is there such a thing as a criminal type? Are criminals born genetically predisposed to commit crimes or are they fashioned by their circumstances? Physicians, psychologists, and criminologists have been asking these questions for many centuries without finding a definitive answer. Criminal Profiling is packed with intriguing case histories that demonstrate the variety, sophistication, and effectiveness of this fascinating science. The book includes chapters on the search for the criminal personality, early criminal profiling, and the latest theories of criminality, and features the stories of serial killers Ted Bundy, Peter Sutcliffe, and Andrei Chikatilo, among many others.

Brian Innes trained as a scientist and worked as a biochemical researcher before turning to writing. He published numerous articles and books on forensic science. He died in 2014.

Lucy Doncaster is the editor and author of numerous history and popular science books. She writes on topics ranging from the greatest mysteries of the unexplained, Churchill's army, and the history of the world to DNA, big data, and deep space.

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