Fakes, Scams & Forgeries

From Art to Counterfeit Cash

By Brian Innes (Author), Chris McNab (Author)


Pub Date 10/11/2022

ISBN 9781838862213

Format Hardcover, Jacketed



Fakes, Scams & Forgeries

From Art to Counterfeit Cash

by Brian Innes, Chris McNab
An illustrated history of criminal fakes and deceptions, and how they were uncovered.
For as long as historical annals have been kept, they have recorded the frauds and fakes that have been imposed upon innocent dupes. Fakes, Scams and Forgeries details many of the most notorious acts of forgery, fraud and fakery that have taken place over the centuries, describing how they were perpetrated, how those who considered themselves experts were led astray and fooled, and how—often after many years—they were detected. As well as providing entertaining and in-depth profiles of famous forgers and legendary frauds, the text deals with the many modern scientific techniques that have been developed for the examination of suspect materials.

Brian Innes trained as a scientist and worked as a biochemical researcher before turning to writing. He published many articles and books on forensic science. He died in 2014.

Chris McNab has written more than 100 titles, primarily focused on historical and military topics. In addition to his writing work, Chris has made regular contributions to radio and TV programs. He also works as an educational publishing consultant, advising international agencies on how to develop their textbooks and other educational resources.

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