The Wars of the Roses

By Martin J. Dougherty (Author)


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The Wars of the Roses

by Martin J. Dougherty
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Telling the story of the fifteenth-century wars between Lancastrians and Yorkists, The Wars of the Roses follows the course of the conflict from the succession of infant King Henry VI right through to the defeat of rebellions under Henry VII.
Kings who were insane, infant, or imprisoned; feuding families; disputed successions and monarchs executing their brothers; exiled nobles, war with France, and enemies forced to unite against a common foe—the history of the Wars of the Roses is so filled with drama that it feels like fiction. Its protagonists were twisted by their conflicting loyalties of blood, marriage, and, above all, ambition. From mad Henry VI captured in battle to the mystery of the “Princes in the Tower” and the truth behind Richard III's deformity, the book is a lively account of more than 30 tumultuous years. Illustrated with photographs, artworks, and maps, The Wars of the Roses reveals the scheming and betrayal, the skullduggery and murder behind the struggle to gain power—and then hold on to it.

Martin J. Dougherty is a freelance writer specializing in military and defense topics. He is the author of Medieval Warrior, SAS and Elite Forces Guide: Extreme Unarmed Combat, SAS and Elite Forces Guide: Sniper, Small Arms: From the Civil War to the Present Day, and books on personal self-defense. He lives in northern England.

Pub Date: 9/13/2022

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