Great Peaks and Ranges of the World

By Chris McNab (Author)

Series Wonders of Our Planet


Pub Date 10/10/2023

ISBN 9781838863128

Format Hardcover




Great Peaks and Ranges of the World

by Chris McNab
Arranged by geographical region, Mountains features the greatest, most spectacular, most infamous, and legendary mountains from every part of the world.
Read about Mount Aconcagua, with an elevation of 2,831 ft, and the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere; Half Dome, the semi-spherical mountain that towers over the valley floor in Yosemite National Park; Mount Olympus, reputed home of the Ancient Greek gods; K2, considered by many to be the most difficult mountain to climb in the Himalayas; Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia—a popular hike for many thousands of tourists each year, and the highest mountain in Southeast Asia; or Gunung Agung, the active volcano that remains sacred to the Balinese people as a replica of the mythological Mount Meru of Hindu legend. Each entry is accompanied with a caption explaining the significance and history of the mountain. Illustrated with outstanding color photographs, Mountains is a visual feast for those who want to gaze down from the roof of the world.

Chris McNab has written more than 100 titles, primarily focused on historical and military topics. His titles include Native American Warriors, The Illustrated History of the Vietnam War, History of World War II, and Hitler’s Masterplan. He also works as an educational publishing consultant, advising international agencies on how to develop their textbooks and other educational resources.

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