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A Guide to Practical Metalworking, Tools, and Techniques

By Daniel Johnson (Author)


Pub Date 10/10/2023

ISBN 9781838863135

Format Hardcover




A Guide to Practical Metalworking, Tools, and Techniques

by Daniel Johnson
Blacksmithing provides a photographic introduction to blacksmith practices today, offering the novice and enthusiast an insight into this ancient trade.
Learn how blacksmiths heat the metal using a variety of methods, including electric induction and traditional coal-fired forges; see the huge range of items that a metalworker can produce, including wrenches, shovels, door plates, bicycle stands, and railings; see craftspeople practicing specialist metalworking techniques, such as upsetting, collaring, twisting, fullering, and swaging; and understand how blacksmiths respect the environment by using old iron ore and scrap iron. Illustrated with photographs that will inspire and delight, Blacksmithing is a dazzling pictorial celebration of a craft as old as civilization itself.

Daniel Johnson is a blacksmith artist who takes on iron work commissions and teaches blacksmithing courses through his company, Forgeworks, based in south Norfolk, UK.

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Pages 224 pages, 180 color photos

Trim 7.31 x 9.62 x 0 Inches

Territories US/Can/Mexico/South & Central America

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