F-16 Fighting Falcon

By Ryan Cunningham (Author)

Series Technical Guides


Pub Date 1/2/2024

ISBN 9781838863258

Format Hardcover



F-16 Fighting Falcon

by Ryan Cunningham
A fully illustrated guide to one of the most successful modern fighter aircraft.
With its iconic bubble canopy and advanced helmet-mounted displays, the F-16 Fighting Falcon is one of the supreme Fourth Generation air-superiority fighters in the world today. The F-16’s versatility and durability has meant it can be adapted to a number of roles, including air superiority, reconnaissance, and ground attack. In an air combat role, the F-16’s maneuverability and combat radius exceed that of all potential threat fighter aircraft. USAF F-16 multirole fighters were deployed to the Persian Gulf in 1991 in support of Operation Desert Storm, where more sorties were flown than with any other aircraft. These fighters were used to attack airfields, Scud missile sites, and key military infrastructure. Today, constant technology and weapons’ upgrades mean the F-16 is planned to serve through 2060. Packed with 100 vivid artworks and photographs, F-16 Fighting Falcon is a compact reference guide for lovers of this iconic aircraft and aviation enthusiasts.

Ryan Cunningham is an aviation and defense writer and editor who has worked on numerous aviation books and magazines over the last 20 years.

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Pages 128 pages, 120 color illus.

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