Submarines of World War II: 1939-45

By E.V. Martindale (Author)

Series Technical Guides


Pub Date 11/12/2024

ISBN 9781838864637

Format Hardcover



Submarines of World War II: 1939-45

by E.V. Martindale
Arranged by country and by date, this book offers a detailed guide to the major types of submarine that served in World War II.
Find out about German U-boat U-47’s daring raid on the British naval base at Scapa Flow in October 1939, where it sank the battleship Royal Oak; marvel at the power of the German U-boat Wolf Packs, who sunk 32 Allied ships from Convoy SC-7 in just two days in 1940; learn about the Japanese I-19, which sunk the USS Wasp and USS O’Brien with a remarkable single salvo of six torpedoes in 1942; explore the German Type XXI diesel-electric Elektroboot, the first type designed to operate primarily submerged; wonder at the Japanese I-400 class carrier-submarine, which was equipped with floatplanes; and discover how U-boat U-405 was destroyed by a combination of small arms fire and ramming by American destroyer USS Borie in one of the most dramatic surface encounters of the war. Illustrated with vivid artworks, Submarines of World War II: 1939–45 is an essential reference guide for modelers and naval warfare enthusiasts.

E.V. Martindale specializes in maritime, engineering, and railway history and has written and contributed to numerous books on these subjects over the last 30 years.

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