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From Early Submersibles to Nuclear-Powered Submarines

By David Ross (Author)

Series World's Greatest


Pub Date 10/8/2024

ISBN 9781838864934

Format Hardcover




From Early Submersibles to Nuclear-Powered Submarines

by David Ross
From early submersibles to nuclear-powered subs, Submarines is an accessible guide for those interested in naval history.
Submarines features the most significant submarines built, from the German U-9 – which sank three British cruisers on September 22, 1914 – to the huge Japanese I-400 class and the great nuclear-powered submarines of the Cold War, such as USS Los Angeles and the Soviet Oscar class. Also included are the ‘undersea cruiser’ Surcouf; the highly successful Type VII U-boats of World War II; and the latest attack and ballistic missile submarines, such as HMS Astute, USS Virginia, the Chinese Type 094, and the Russian Yasen class. Each entry includes a brief description of the submarine’s development and history, a color profile or cutaway, key features, and specifications.

David Ross specializes in maritime, engineering, and railway history, and he has written and contributed to numerous books on these subjects. His most recent books are Abandoned Industrial Places, Rail Journeys, Bridges, Coast, Lighthouses, Ships: Visual Encyclopedia, The Essential Naval Identification Guide: Submarines 1914–Present, Great Warships, and The World’s Greatest Battleships.

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Pages 224 pages, 200 color photos & illus.

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