Gardening: A Very Peculiar History™

By Jacqueline Morley (Author)

Series A Very Peculiar History?


Pub Date 6/4/2019

ISBN 9781909645196

Format Hardcover



Gardening: A Very Peculiar History™

by Jacqueline Morley
From the gardens of paradise to today’s Eden Project, this unique and delightful history tells the story of gardening.
From ancient days till the present, and everywhere around the world, gardens and gardening offer a pleasurable escape. Gardening: A Very Peculiar History™ begins with the earliest gardens in the Middle East, and then moves on to medieval and classically influenced Renaissance gardens, gardens in the New World, grandiose gardens like the one in Versailles, landscapes and plant hunting, wartime victory gardens, and contemporary wildlife gardening. Featuring black-and-white illustrations, witty anecdotes, incredible trivia, and feature boxes covering such topics as Roman Herbal Hints and Flower Snobbery, this charming book entertains and educates garden-loving readers.

Jacqueline Morley studied English at Oxford University and has taught English and history. She has written numerous books, including award-winning historical nonfiction titles for children. Her books have won several TES Senior Information book awards.

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Pages 192 pages, b-w illus. throughout

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