History Facts & Jokes

By John Townsend (Author), David Antram (Illustrator)


Format Paperback



History Facts & Jokes

by John Townsend, David Antram
The past can be scary—so brace yourself for a hilariously bloodcurdling ride through time.
Q. Why do mummies never take a vacation?
A. Because they’re afraid to relax and unwind.
History can be really grisly—and sometimes gross and funny, too. Take a trip back in time and find out about Roman toilets (which were never cleaned!), food in the Middle Ages (stuffed porpoise stomach), and creepy cures (boiled worms), as well as executions, the Black Death, and the worst jobs you wouldn’t want to do. Even as you shudder at once was, you’ll laugh out loud at the hysterical historical jokes, riddles, limericks, and puns!

John Townsend worked as a secondary school teacher before becoming a full-time writer of children’s books. He specializes in fun, exciting information books for reluctant readers, as well as fast-paced fiction and “fiction with facts” books.

David Antram studied at Eastbourne College of Art in the UK and then worked in advertising for 15 years before becoming a full-time illustrator. He has since illustrated well over 100 titles, mainly for children and young adults.

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