Folk Magic and Healing

An Unusual History of Everyday Plants

By Fen Inkwright (Author)

Series Folk Magic


Pub Date 7/7/2020

ISBN 9781912634118

Format Hardcover



Folk Magic and Healing

An Unusual History of Everyday Plants

by Fen Inkwright
Discover the folklore, history, and healing properties of common plants, from daisies and garlic to oak and rosemary.
Plants have always played a vital role in our existence, revered for their healing and nutritional properties and entwined with ancient legends, local spirits, and deities. Folk Magic and Healing gathers many of these beliefs, aiming to inspire a deeper appreciation of our flora and countryside. Stunningly illustrated, this treasury is packed with insight about everyday plants and their magic and mysteries. It covers trees such as beechwood, birch, and fir, and provides an A to Z that ranges from agrimony, boneset, and chamomile to dandelions, lady’s mantle, laurel, and wild strawberry. With folkloric and literary quotes throughout, and background on each plant’s history, Latin name, and medicinal uses, this lovely guide is perfect for plant lovers, gardeners, writers, folklorists, witches, and everyone!

Fez Inkwright is an illustrator, author, and folklorist. For the past eight years she has produced work for children’s books, hand-drawn maps, and tattoo designs. She lives in Bristol, UK.

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