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The Book of Moons & Seasons

By Hannah McDonald (Author)


Pub Date 5/24/2022

ISBN 9781912634408

Format Hardcover



The Book of Moons & Seasons

by Hannah McDonald
Inspired by slow, seasonal living, The Book of Moons & Seasons tells of the year's journey in comic form, from the Winter Solstice through the Wheel of the Year to return to the Winter Solstice once more.

The moon is the keeper of time and the seasons, marking when to sow the seed and when to harvest, when to celebrate and when to fast, when to sleep and when to rise. Across the world and throughout history, different cultures have used the moon to herald festivities and religious occasions. As a timekeeper, the moon holds a special significance in our lives. As it passes through the seasons, this book explores the ancient names for the full moons, from Strawberry Moon to Hunter's Moon. It is a graphic narrative of the seasons, a deeply magical journey that captures the energy of the year as it waxes and wanes.

Hannah McDonald is a British illustrator living in Amsterdam, creating hand-drawn artwork and telling stories inspired by the march of the seasons. Prior to being an illustrator, she worked for leading animation and VFX studios for over 15 years as an executive producer and marketing director. She also codirected 5×15 Amsterdam, the Netherlands edition of the acclaimed 5× series of talks. Hannah's illustration work has a strong focus on seasonal living, which she believes is a powerful tool for connecting with nature and living more sustainably for our planet.

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