Liminal 11

Recreational Witchcraft

No-nonsense Witchcraft for the Everyday Modern Witch

By Lyra Black (Author)


Pub Date 11/15/2022

ISBN 9781912634453

Format Hardcover



Recreational Witchcraft

No-nonsense Witchcraft for the Everyday Modern Witch

by Lyra Black
No-nonsense witchcraft for the everyday modern witch.
Carefully crafted and curated, this book by Lyra Black shares her years of experience and witchy wisdom in a modern and empowering way. Recreational Witchcraft is a comprehensive collection of spells and rituals for everyday use. This handy tome is perfect for the beginner witch and seasoned sorcerer alike looking for inspiration and encouragement through the art of witchcraft. It includes practical spells, bath magic, self-love rituals, and tarot ideas. Lyra's friendly and sometimes humorous writing style keeps ancient rituals approachable and fun. Recreational Witchcraft has all your witchy needs covered to face the everyday with magical vigor!
"A gorgeous book with tips, spells, divination, and stories galore! If you want to explore witchy things, this book will show you the way (your way!)... Liminal 11 makes some high-quality stuff - and this beauty is one you have to see in person!" —Theresa Reed @thetarotlady -

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Lyra Black was born and raised in the Sonoran Desert in the American Southwest, where she fell in love with massive summer thunderstorms and 100-year-old saguaro cacti. She stumbled into magic and the occult at 18, then co-ran the witchcraft blog Recreational Witchcraft with her best friend and coven-mate for several years.

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