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Earth Color

An Eight Week Art Course for Nature-Connection

By Emma Burleigh (Author)


Pub Date 5/17/2022

ISBN 9781912634484

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Earth Color

An Eight Week Art Course for Nature-Connection

by Emma Burleigh
In this eight-week mixed-media art course, Earth Color unveils the kaleidoscope of nature, teaching you how to engage your creativity in a journey of mindful contemplation.

Have you ever wanted to dip your paintbrush into the fiery hues of a perfect sunset? Do faces leap out of tree trunks as you pass them by? The world around us is alive in so many ways—you just need to know where to look. Fresh from the success of Soul Color, Emma Burleigh imparts her knowledge through carefully crafted activities, offering tips and tricks from her 20 years as an art teacher, as well as bringing us works and tips from artists who have a background in these new mediums! Let your intuition guide you in the process of creation. See the joy in nature and recreate this joy on the page in front of you. Let your confidence develop as you learn new skills and discover beauty in unexpected mistakes. Burleigh's expertise and experience make Earth Color far more than just a 'how to' book: it's an education in nature itself.

Emma Burleigh is an award-winning comics artist, painter, and art teacher with a passion for the vibrant, mercurial qualities of watercolor. She holds regular workshops to explore how art can support mindfulness, self-insight, and well-being. Emma has self-published several magazines and illustrated books. Her work has appeared in a range of publications and galleries including Resurgence, Ecologist Magazine, The Strumpet, Contemporary British Painting, and the Royal West Academy.

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Soul Color

Soul Color