Voyage of the Mayflower

By Roger Canavan (Author), Damian Zain (Illustrator)

Series Adventures in the Real World


Pub Date 8/4/2020

ISBN 9781912904204

Format Paperback



Voyage of the Mayflower

by Roger Canavan, Damian Zain
On the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower’s voyage, this fun, fast-paced, and easy-to-read book recounts that journey. Fact boxes that provide historical context, comic strips dramatizing important moments, and maps showing the ship’s route will make this a favorite with reluctant readers.
In November 1620, the Mayflower docked in Plymouth, Massachusetts, carrying 102 passengers, Puritans seeking the freedom to practice their beliefs. Through easy-to-read text and appealing images, this fascinating book tells the tale of that historic voyage and the pilgrims onboard through the eyes of two rats, descendants of the original travelers. They discuss the religious persecution that led the emigrants to brave the sea voyage, the hardships of the crossing, and life in the new environment, as well as the experiences of the Native Americans whose world was changed forever by the Europeans’ arrival.

Roger Canavan is an award-winning author of more than 60 children’s books covering history, science, and other nonfiction subjects. School visits keep him connected with his wide readership as well as with the latest curriculum developments.

Damian Zain lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He trained in comic illustration and now works as a freelance artist.

Title Details

Pages 128 pages, b-w illus. throughout

Trim 6.25 x 7.43 x 0 Inches

Territories US/Can

Age Range 9 and up