American Presidents: A Very Peculiar History™

By David Arscott (Author)

Series A Very Peculiar History?


Pub Date 9/3/2019

ISBN 9781912904211

Format Hardcover



American Presidents: A Very Peculiar History™

by David Arscott
From the founding fathers to the current resident of the White House, this witty, fun history takes a unique and illuminating look at the American presidency.
Hail to the chief. American Presidents: A Very Peculiar History explores the triumphs, tragedies, scandals, wars, and wives of the United States’ most famous (and infamous) heads of state. Filled with facts and figures, and covering everything from the American Revolution and the Civil War to Kennedy’s assassination and the controversies surrounding Donald Trump, this is a fast-paced, must-read account of some of history’s most powerful men.

A former newspaper journalist and BBC producer/presenter, David Arscott works as a freelance author, broadcaster, publisher, and editor. He has written some 30 books on Sussex in England, and is the founder of The Sussex Book Club.

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Pages 192 pages, b-w illus. throughout

Trim 4 x 6 x 0 Inches

Territories US/Can

Category Humor | Reference