All the Way Down: Ocean

By Alex Woolf (Author), Isobel Lundie (Illustrator)

Series All the Way Down


Pub Date 5/4/2021

ISBN 9781913337834

Format Hardcover



All the Way Down: Ocean

by Alex Woolf, Isobel Lundie
All The Way Down is an ingenious new information book series looking at different ecosystems, from the organisms that live near its top to the creatures that dwell near the bottom.

Ocean explores the sea creatures that live at different depths, from the organisms that live in rock pools and the shallows to the strange animals that lurk in the abyss, as well as examining how pollution and climate change are affecting the oceans' ecosystems. Each spread features bold, colorful, and eye-catching illustrations of the different animal and plant species, plus easy-to-digest, bite-sized factoids about the creatures. A ruler running down the side of each spread highlights the different depths, and a magnetic clasp shows the entire ecosystem from top to bottom.

Alex Woolf studied history at Essex University in England. He is the author of many books for children on science topics, including previous titles in the bestselling You Wouldn't Want To... and Science Of series.

Isobel Lundie is an illustrator and designer. She graduated from Kingston University with first-class honors in illustration and animation. Since graduating, Isobel has specialized in children's publishing and has made books for Salariya Book Company, Usborne, Random House, DK, and The Good Book Company. She uses a wide variety of materials such as collage papers, pencil, ink, and digital media.

Title Details

Pages 56 pages, all in color

Trim 10.2 x 11.3 x 0 Inches

Territories US/Can

Category Science & Nature

Age Range 9 and up