The Magical Snowflake

By Bernette Ford (Author), Erin Robinson (Illustrator)


Pub Date 10/17/2023

ISBN 9781914912221

Format Hardcover Picture Book



The Magical Snowflake

by Bernette Ford, Erin Robinson
Experience the enchanting and timeless tale of expectation, anticipation, and wonder crafted by renowned children’s book author Bernette Ford. The Magical Snowflake captures the heartwarming essence of a young girl amid the frosty snow, making it more than just a children’s Christmas book; it's an inclusive holiday read-aloud book that celebrates the winter season, community, family, and friendship.

Set in the midst of winter's chill, with an absence of snow, Ori and her friends yearn to play outdoors. Ori makes a heartfelt wish, and soon, a special snowflake brings joy to the entire town. Guided by the confidence of a young girl and the assured storytelling voice of author Bernette Ford, The Magical Snowflake leads readers through moments of pure delight, filled with song, dance, and seasonal cheer.

For those seeking winter books or the perfect toddler books this holiday season, The Magical Snowflake promises to be the surprise of the year. Destined to become a classic among Christmas books for kids, this story's enchanting protagonist, Ori, will inspire both children and adults to partake in the merriment and sing along to "We wish you a merry winter." The vibrant illustrations by Erin K. Robinson bring these unforgettable scenes to life, ensuring that this story will be etched in your heart forever.


"Robinson’s layered artwork uses color and detail in surprising ways to deliver majestic scenes children will want to pore over again and again. Beautifully executed." Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Ford and Robinson’s titular snowflake leads a community on a merry march in this hypnotic tribute to a season’s first snowfall . . . . Spongy effects from Robinson capture the fuzziness of flurries coating the town, while iridescent hues conjure the bliss of an eagerly awaited winter storm.” Publishers Weekly

“Robinson’s bright, highly textured illustrations will make readers long for a snow day.”Horn Book

“[T]his joyful celebration of the first snow can appeal to anyone.”Geek Dad

“[P]erfect for the snow-lover in your house . . . . Accompanying the story are gorgeous, brightly-colored illustrations that your child will want to see again and again.” The Hawk Eye


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Bernette Ford (June 30, 1950 – June 20, 2021) was an author and editor renowned as one of the few African American women writers of children’s books. Recognized for bringing diversity to publishing, she founded a group called Black Creators for Children, which would assist African American authors in creating new works by following a set of philosophies. During her career she penned many popular kids’ books, several with Boxer Books, including No More Diapers for Ducky!,No More Bottles for Bunny!, and Ballet Kitty. A publisher for many years, she also founded and ran her own company, the children's book packager Color-Bridge Books. Bernette lived in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband, George Ford, until her passing in 2021.

Erin K. Robinson is an Emmy-nominated illustrator trained at the Parsons School of Design and the Corcoran School of the Arts & Design. Erin's illustrations have been featured in the New York Times and the Washington Post, among other publications. Her magical imagination is inspired by travel, color, texture, the feminine shape, and the many shades and coifs of Brooklyn, New York. She works in a variety of media, including watercolor, ink, markers, charcoal, stencil, and collage, as well as digital artistry. She illustrated Brave. Black. First.: 50+ African American Women Who Changed the World (Penguin Random House, 2020) and A Library (Versify, 2022). She has also designed a U.S. postage stamp, which was unveiled in October 2022. Robinson lives in New York City, and The Magical Snowflake is her first children’s book with Boxer Books.