UK Edition

Sparkle! Sparkle! I’m a Unicorn!

By Jo Lodge (Author)

Series Little Hands Big Fun


Pub Date 6/1/2023

ISBN 9781914912351

Format Board book



Sparkle! Sparkle! I’m a Unicorn!

by Jo Lodge
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Sparkle and shine with Sparkle! Sparkle! I’m a Unicorn! by Jo Lodge, a captivating interactive board book for babies and toddlers that brings mythical creatures to life through colourful illustrations, surprising sound words, and engaging interactive features.
Children slide the sturdy tabs on every page to reveal whimsical surprises and ignite the imagination. Sensory books promote discovery and play and strengthen kids’ motor skills. Sparkle! Sparkle! I’m a Unicorn! uses bright colours, fun facts, and plenty of onomatopoeia—sound words that help young children develop their speech. For kids mesmerized by the magic and mystery of unicorns, this board book is an ideal choice for both solo reading and shared storytelling adventures, and a perfect addition to any newborn baby’s bookshelf.
Dive into the entire Little Hands Big Fun series from Boxer Books, where each page comes to life with vibrant colours and captivating interactive features. Authored by the talented Jo Lodge, this series is a delightful blend of education and entertainment, perfect for curious young minds. Babies and toddlers interact with the books’ pull tabs, making the series an ideal choice for interactive learning and playtime alike.

Jo Lodge is an illustrator and a paper engineer who has authored and/or illustrated more than 100 books. She comes from a highly creative family—her mother, Maureen Roffey, is an illustrator, and her father, Bernard Lodge, is a graphic designer—and both of her parents encouraged her from an early age to draw and make things. Jo is best known for her books starring Mr. Croc, which have sold more than a million copies worldwide, and her Little Hands Big Fun  pull-tab books published by Boxer Books, of which Snap! Snap! I’m a Crocodile! was selected winner in the Baby Books category at the Sheffield Children’s Book Awards. Lodge lives in West Sussex, England, with her husband and two sons.


Title Details

Pages 8 pages, all in colour

Trim 7 x 7 x 0 Inches

Territories World

Category Board Books

Age Range up to 3