UK Edition

Nee Naw Nee Naw

By Emma Garcia (Author)

Series All About Sounds


Pub Date 7/25/2024

ISBN 9781915801111

Format Board book


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Oh no! It’s an emergency!! Call the emergency vehicles and see them speed along to help save the day. A fun look at police cars, ambulances, fire engines, and other rescue vehicles that fascinate preschoolers, with sounds they can join in with.

Emma Garcia was born in Yorkshire, England, and studied education and psychology at Liverpool University. Her education and experience as an early childhood specialist give her uncanny insight into what preschoolers enjoy in books. Emma lives near York in the UK with her husband and two sons.

Title Details

Pages 24 pages, all in colour

Trim 6.69 x 6.69 x 0 Inches

Territories World

Category Board Books

Age Range up to 3

Carton Quantity 40