Masters of the Swindle

True Stories of Con Men, Cheaters & Scam Artists

By Gianni Morelli (Editor), Chiara Schiavano (Editor)


Pub Date 11/1/2016

ISBN 9788854410633

Format Hardcover



Masters of the Swindle

True Stories of Con Men, Cheaters & Scam Artists

by Gianni Morelli, Chiara Schiavano
Con artists, hoaxsters, racketeers, thieves: since the beginning of time, there have always been schemers eager to make sure a fool and his money will soon be parted. Masters of the Swindle tells 40 irresistible tales of deceit, from the late nineteenth century to today. Read all about “The Great Diamond Hoax” of San Francisco, when two men made fake diamonds good enough to fool Tiffany and Rothschild; the woman who stole a $2 million promissory note from Andrew Carnegie and then claimed to be his daughter; Rasputin, the “mysterious mystic” who deceived a Tsarina; the swindler who “sold” Big Ben to American tourists; the man who created the Ponzi scheme; the always e-mailing "Nigerian princes”; and Frank Abagnale, Jr., who committed fraud in 26 countries . . . and inspired a Steven Spielberg movie. These are the geniuses of deception: their tales are incredible and extraordinary.

Gianni Morelli has written articles and essays about history, geography, and travel for the most important Italian publishing houses; many of them have been translated into English, German and Spanish. His work includes short stories and novels. In several Italian and Swiss trade journals he has published articles and notes about deception and fraud, themes on which he has focused his studies in the last years.

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