The Spirit of Rum

History, Anecdotes, Trends and Cocktails

By Giovanna Moldenhauer (Text), Fabio Petroni (Photographer)


Pub Date 5/1/2018

ISBN 9788854412408

Format Hardcover, Jacketed



The Spirit of Rum

History, Anecdotes, Trends and Cocktails

by Giovanna Moldenhauer, Fabio Petroni
Discover the extraordinary spirit known as rum in all its delicious varieties!
From the Caribbean and the first American colonies of the seventeenth century came rum, a liquor made from distilling sugar cane or molasses. This celebration of the drink introduces you to its history and production methods, as well as the different styles (Spanish, British, Jamaican, French) existing today. Forty profiles tell the stories of the most famous brands, tracing their characteristics, describing their taste and color, and using them in an ideal recipe. A final section presents a selection of classic and innovative rum cocktails, with all the directions you need to prepare them.

Fabio Petroni studied photography and then collaborated with the most talented professionals in the industry. He specializes in portraits and still life, and has worked with major advertising agencies, participating in numerous campaigns for major Italian brands and prestigious companies known worldwide.

Giovanna Moldenhauer has been a journalist for more than 20 years. She is a passionate expert in spirits, especially rum, and frequently attends festivals, events, and previews. Her articles have appeared in specialist magazines and newspapers.

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