The World of Dinosaurs

By Cristina Banfi (Text), Roman Garcia Mora (Illustrator)


Pub Date 10/2/2018

ISBN 9788854412934

Format Hardcover



The World of Dinosaurs

by Cristina Banfi, Roman Garcia Mora
These dinosaurs are ready to jump out of the pages and tell you their most incredible secrets. Just lift the flaps and see!
We all love dinosaurs. Now, lift the flaps to find out more about them—their skin, bones, teeth, and other legendary characteristics. Examine some of the most popular species, including the T-rex and Triceratops, along with the Parasaurolophus, whose crest had acoustic powers, and the Maiasaura, the “good mother.” Every dinosaur appears next to a picture of a human, in order to reveal its relative size.

Román García Mora specializes in scientific illustration, particularly paleo-art, or paleontological reconstruction. He has received many international awards and worked for various scientific journals, including PM Bilde Quo. For White Star, he illustrated All About Dinosaurs and This Chicken Is a T-Rex!

Title Details

Pages 20 pages, all in color

Trim 8.5 x 11.7 x 0 Inches

Territories US/Can

Category Science & Nature

Age Range 6 and up

Carton Quantity 15