Encounters with Nature

53 of the World's Must-See Destinations

By Gianni Morelli (Editor)


Pub Date 5/7/2019

ISBN 9788854413467

Format Hardcover



Encounters with Nature

53 of the World's Must-See Destinations

by Gianni Morelli
See some of the world’s most exciting nature destinations through exquisite photography—and find out how you can visit them, too!
From the ice caves of Iceland to diving in Mexico’s cenotes, this stunning book showcases some of the most glorious destinations and thrilling adventures across the globe. Leafing through the inviting images, real and armchair voyagers can admire and learn about Hawaii’s incredible painted forest, Canada’s magical Northern Lights, the colors of the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia, the gorillas of Rwanda, and nomadic life in Mongolia. For anyone planning a trip, there’s also valuable information and priceless travel advice, as well as in-depth cultural analysis and inspirational quotes.

Gianni Morelli is the author of novels, short stories, nonfiction, textbooks, and film synopses. He has supervised several publications for White Star Publishers, including the volume The 100 Photographs that Changed the World.

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