Wine Sommelier

A Journey Through the Culture of Wine

By Jacopo Cossater (Author), Fabio Petroni (Photographer)


Pub Date 11/1/2022

ISBN 9788854418707

Format Hardcover, Jacketed



Wine Sommelier

A Journey Through the Culture of Wine

by Jacopo Cossater, Fabio Petroni
This book is an extraordinary journey into the universe of wine, a journey of images and words that follows the history of a noble product.
Enhanced by the photographs of Fabio Petroni, a master of still-life shots, this book reveals all the facets of wine: its ancient origins, the migration of historic grapevines, the phases of wine production (grape cultivation and harvesting, winemaking, aging and conservation), the principles of wine tasting, and the presentation of the principal wines and winemaking areas on a world level. An important section of the book provides 40 in-depth descriptions of the world’s most prestigious wines–their origin, the organoleptic characteristics, and the best pairings of varietals with certain dishes. Wine Sommelier also illustrates the secrets of cellar management and storage, the rules regarding serving temperature and decanting, and how to read the label and select the right bottle.

Jacopo Cossater attended the University of Perugia and continued his studies at the Associazione Italiana Sommelier. After living in Milan and Stockholm, he returned to Umbria where he still lives and works. He writes for the I Vini d'Italia wine guide, published by l'Espresso, and contributes to wine blogs.
Photographer Fabio Petroni specializes in portraits and still lifes, and has worked with some of the best-known professionals in the field. His numerous titles with White Star include Horses: Master Portraits, Cocktails, Roses, Chili Pepper, Orchids, Tea Sommelier, Beer Sommelier, and Bonsai.

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