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The Great Book of Forest Legends

By Tea Orsi (Author), Anna Láng (Illustrator)


Pub Date 11/21/2023

ISBN 9788854419193

Format Hardcover



The Great Book of Forest Legends

by Tea Orsi, Anna Láng
From the Legend of the Fairy Fortress (France) to the Legend of Momotaro (Japan), here are fantastical stories of magical creatures from all over the world.
The Great Book of Forest Legends offers a selection of short stories about charming and magical creatures of the forest. Each of the folkloric tales is preceded by a description of the forest creature represented in that tale, like leprechauns, elves, and water nymphs. The book features 11 beautifully illustrated stories that children can easily dip into and out of.

Tea Orsi is a screenwriter for animated TV series, and an author of comic stories, books, and magazines for children.
Anna Láng attended the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. She lives and works in Italy as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator and is one of White Star’s bestselling illustrators.

Title Details

Pages 64 pages, all in color

Trim 9.25 x 11.6 x 0 Inches

Territories US Only

Category Fiction

Age Range 7 and up