Bruce Springsteen

50 Years of Rock 'N' Roll

By Ernesto Assante (Author)


Pub Date 3/5/2024

ISBN 9788854420342

Format Hardcover



Bruce Springsteen

50 Years of Rock 'N' Roll

by Ernesto Assante
This photo-biography recounts the fascinating life of a boy from Freehold, New Jersey, who goes on to become a rock n’ roll legend.
From podcasts with former President Barack Obama to record-smashing sales deals, Bruce Springsteen is just as much The Boss now as he was decades ago. He turned out over ten #1 hits and more than 120 million CDs sold, the highest in rock history. Follow him through five chronological chapters that highlight both his greatest milestones and lesser-known struggles—as he introduces the world to heartland rock songs about working-class America, loses success in the 1990s, and returns with a vengeance to ring in the new millennium while lending his support to a dividing political landscape in new age America.

Ernesto Assante is a renowned journalist, music critic, author, and radio and television host. He has written a number of books for White Star Publishers, including The Legends of Rock, U2: Past, Present, Future, Woodstock ’69: Rock Revolution, The Beatles 1962–1969: From Liverpool to Abbey Road, Info Rock: The History of Rock Music, and Freddie Mercury: A Legendary Voice.

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