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The Great Book of Legendary Witches & Wizards

By Tea Orsi (Author), Anna Láng (Illustrator)


Pub Date 11/5/2024

ISBN 9788854420908

Format Hardcover



The Great Book of Legendary Witches & Wizards

by Tea Orsi, Anna Láng
From Jeon Woo-chi (Korea) to Marie Laveau (United States), here are the fantastical stories of witches and wizards from all over the world.
Slavic traditions. The legends of King Arthur. Korean folklore. Greek mythology. This truly is a global reference book for discovering a world of magical creatures. Each of the 12 beings is given its own space and spread, with a dedicated description, list of facts, highlights, and short stories. The Great Book of Legendary Witches & Wizards will open children up to different cultures, spark their interest in the world of mythology, be the source of imaginative play and creative expression, as well as spark engaging conversation.

Tea Orsi is a screenwriter for animated TV series, and an author of comic stories, books, and magazines for children.
Anna Láng attended the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. She lives and works in Italy as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator and is one of White Star’s best-selling illustrators.

Title Details

Pages 64 pages, all in color

Trim 9.25 x 11.6 x 0 Inches

Territories US/Can

Category Fiction

Age Range 7 and up