Cocktails in Color

A Spirited Guide to the Art and Joy of Drinkmaking

By Sammi Katz (Author), Olivia McGiff (Author)


Format Hardcover



Cocktails in Color

A Spirited Guide to the Art and Joy of Drinkmaking

by Sammi Katz, Olivia McGiff
An artistic cocktail book that is as beautiful as it is practical. By utilizing design and their expertise, Sammi and Olivia have created a vibrant, knowledgeable mixology book for both seasoned and newbie drinkmakers. 
Cocktails in Color celebrates the craft of drinkmaking, from raw ingredients to finished, delightful refreshments. Together, Sammi Katz and Olivia McGiff explore the elements, tastes, and techniques of all things drinks to create an accessible, visually delicious new guide to drinking that gives you the tools to design your own cocktails. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a new kid at the bar, Cocktails in Color deserves a spot on your bar cart. Each page is fully illustrated with rich, inspiring gouache paintings, making it a visual delight that stands out from other bartender books. This book encourages readers to explore a palette of ingredients for their developing palate.
Fans of cocktail recipe books like The Art of Mixology or The Home Bartender who want a fresher, more aesthetically driven alternative will find exactly what they’re looking for in Cocktails in Color, with its stunning gouache illustrations on every page. Anyone looking for bartender gifts will appreciate the unique combination of essential tips and recipes and beautiful art that make this a must-have for cocktail enthusiasts everywhere.
“[A] gem of a book: useful, lovely to page through, and instructive. It will be as welcome in the kitchen as on the nightstand, and readers will be delighted to find it on the shelf.” —Library Journal, Starred Review

“This book’s quirky gouache paintings and tidbits about ingredients and techniques make mixing drinks extra fun.” —Food Network Magazine

“Co-authors Sammi Katz and Olivia McGiff, present a fresh way to craft cocktails.” —Forbes

The "Cocktails in Color" guide's explosion of different hues practically demands center stage. But don't let its flashy facade fool you. The book is filled with recipes for seasoned sippers and cocktail newbies. Each recipe guides the reader as they craft concoctions that are as approachable as they are intriguing. Plus, it also looks beautiful on a coffee table or bookshelf. — Business Insider

"What's not to like about a cocktail book team consisting of a bartender/drinkmaker (Sammi) and barfly/illustrator (Olivia), whose pets' names are Juniper and Sherry? Break open this attractive, approachable book and you'll like them even more."—Robert Simonson, New York Times cocktail writer and creator of the Substack newsletter "The Mix."

“Sammi and Olivia have created an inventive and gorgeous drinks book that satisfies both the palate and the eye.” —Noah Rothbaum, author of The Art of American Whiskey 

“This deeply nerdy yet vibrantly accessible guide to cocktail basics would be a super solid addition to any budding mixologist’s library, but even a grizzled veteran like me picked up a thing or two!" —John DeBary, author of Drink What You Want

"Cocktails in Color will fill you with confidence, curiosity and joy as you become your own new favorite mixologist. Brimming with vibrant illustrations, scores of classic and original recipes, information and techniques, it is not only a useful guidebook but also a convivial invitation to tune into your five senses, explore and create what tickles your taste buds every time you step behind the bar." —Lindsay Gardner, illustrator and author of Why We Cook: Women on Food, Identity, and Connection

“Bursting with wit, whimsy, and a vibrant landscape of spirited drinks illustrated by Olivia McGiff, Cocktails in Color is a delight. Writer and bartender Sammi Katz is the best friend you wish you had, inspiring confidence and sharing the best stories whether she's breaking down classic cocktail templates, helping you build out your home bar cart, or shaking and stirring up a mix of new-look original drinks.” —Brad Thomas Parsons, author of BittersAmaro, and Last Call

"Sammi Katz's first book on the topic of cocktails is a welcome addition to the sea of options out there:  It has an upbeat, breezy tone, which puts the reader at ease and sets the tone for an enjoyable foray into learning about, and enjoying drink making.  Just like her style of working behind the bar, the cocktails here are approachable, thoughtful, and packed with bright and expressive flavors.  Her warm and personable style comes through not only in the writing but also in the illustrations, which make all the serves - from the straightforward to more complex - easy to understand and fun to make.  Highly recommended for readers of all skill levels and persuasions who are seeking expert advice on how to make delicious cocktails, and have a great time while doing so." —Shannon Mustipher, Spirits Educator and Consultant, Author of TIKI: Modern Tropical Cocktails

"Two of my favorite things in one book: cocktails and beautiful illustration! And while I would rather head to a fancy bar and get my drink shaken for me, this book makes me believe I should be hosting a party. Chockfull of information and step-by-step instructions plus historical tidbits, I’ll be keeping this book on my living room table for guidance... but also because it looks so darn pretty." —Julia Rothman, author and illustrator of Food Anatomy

“For any woman 21+, this illustrated recipe book of popular drinks is a handy guide for at-home cocktail making and a beautiful decor piece for the coffee table. Its pages include recipes, breakdowns of liqueurs, and explanations for popular drink-making terms. Everything a practicing bartender could need!”—Woman’s Day


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Sammi Katz is a writer, consultant, senior bartender, and creator of the blog A Girl’s Guide to Drinking Alone. Olivia McGiff is a designer and illustrator whose style weaves together creamy colors and text with an appreciation for everyday objects. 

Pub Date: 2/7/2023

ISBN: 9781454944447

Price: $19.99 / $25.99 CAN

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 192 pages, all in color

Trim: 6 x 9 x 0 Inches

Territories: World

Category: Cookbooks, Food & Drink

Publisher: Union Square & Co.

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