How It Happened! Sneakers

The Cool Stories and Facts Behind Every Pair

By Stephanie Warren Drimmer (Author), WonderLab Group (Author)

Series How It Happened


Pub Date 4/18/2023

ISBN 9781454944966

Format Hardcover



How It Happened! Sneakers

The Cool Stories and Facts Behind Every Pair

by Stephanie Warren Drimmer, WonderLab Group
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Find out how sneakers took over the world in this fact-filled nonfiction book, part of a series about the stories behind cool objects!

From going to school to shopping at the mall, sneakers are one of the most comfortable ways to get around. But how did these rubbery soles become everyone’s favorite shoe to stomp in? Readers will love learning about the story behind sneakers, from the world’s oldest shoe to the latest designer sneaker drop . . . and everything in between!
“[A] clear, close-up look at an invention (versatile, comfortable shoes) that captures affection and loyalty, plus an exhortation to young innovators to think about their own spin on the product. It’s also an interesting examination of the ways that professional athletics and personal exercise have evolved over the last century. A fun and fact-filled look at footwear that will find its audience.” —Kirkus Reviews

“The How It Happened! series provides energetic, upbeat histories of everyday items that should be familiar to most kids. Pages are filled with eye-catching graphics, sidebars, photos, illustrations, and accessible text pepper with numerous exclamation points.” —Booklist

“This colorful, informative nonfiction book leads readers through the fascinating history of sneakers . . . . Colorful photographs and drawings appear throughout, along with interesting bits of trivia and quotes, and the brightly colored pages add to its readability and eye-catching design . . . . This engaging, educational book will appeal to middle grade sneakerheads and fans of books about the history of inventions.” —School Library Journal

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Title Details

Pages 192 pages, all in color

Trim 6 x 9 x 0 Inches

Territories World

Category Science & Nature

Age Range 8 to 12